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# Twilight Princess REL base
-[Homepage]( | [Development Information]( | [Mirror]( | [Discord](
+[Homepage]( | [Mirror]( | [Discord](
#### Disclaimer
-> As of 2020 the new Repository is just [Randomizer]( due to massive code and structural changes
+> The new Repository will just be [Randomizer]( due to massive code and structural changes
+> Currently this is still active!
> This project is based on Piston's [ttyd-tools]( and ported to Twilight Princess by [Zephiles](
-### Info
-This is template code without any game changing logic whatsoever.
-It randomizes every item Link gets then turns towards the camera with the item floating above his hands (excluding getting an item for the first time on the ground).
-This means these items are not randomized in this version:
-* Master Sword
-* Shadow Crystal
-* Horse Call
-* Master Sword infused with light
-* Shop ammo that doesn't trigger a cutscene
-* Floor rupees/arrows/seeds
-* Scoopable bottle contents (might be possible in an update from the [official version]( )
-* Fished items (might be possible in an update from the [official version]( )
-### What is planned for later versions
-* Keysanity (very complex, might not do it)
-### If you think an item check wasn't randomized properly:
-1. Get the item check in-game
-2. Open the in-game console (R+Z) before getting another item
-3. Go to page 3 (named "Debug Info")
- 1. If the lines "Function:", "Source:" and "Dest:" didn't change: it means that we can't randomize that item at the moment since we don't know the trigger that gets called when this item is gotten
- 2. If the line "Source:" does not contain some "->" and the line "Dest:" says: "No Replacement found for this source", it means that item check wasn't found, so:
- 1. It could be abscent from our code
- 2. It could be in the code but with some incorrect data
- 3. If the line "Source:" looks someting like "F_SP08->5->7" and the line "Dest:" says: "No replacement here.", it means that the item check was found and already collected, so:
- 1. The trigger for getting the item might get fired more than once
- 2. There could be a problem with the logic
- 4. If the line "Source:" and the line "Dest:" look someting like "F_SP08->5->7", then the item check was randomized properly
-4. If any of these cases happen you must take note of:
- 1. page 3 "Debug Info", the lines "Function:", "Source:", "Dest:", "Active Seed:" and "Checksum:"
- 2. page 4 "Item Search", the lines "MetadataID:", "MetadataX:", "MetadataY:" and "MetadataZ:"
- 3. page 5 "Game Info", the lines "CurrentStage:", "NextStage:" and "NextRoom:"
- 4. top right, the randomizer versions
-5. After this, feel free to mention it in the [Discord](, where we will look into this item check
-6. You can also look into the [newer releases]( to see if that problem was already taken care of
### Build Requirements
* [DevkitPPC](
@@ -71,5 +36,5 @@ In this case the **Makefile** does not need to be changed, however if you don't
* Skyreon for also helping with REL testing
* Hornlitz for writing down all chests + some information on how to access them
* Jacquaid for his TPHD rando logic and general information
-* Dragonbane for providing inifinite amounts of information and being a constant source of Game knowledge
+* dragonbane for providing inifinite amounts of information and being a constant source of Game knowledge
* Everyone who contributed to researching the game and/or was involved in the Ultimate TP Spreadsheet