AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-13Fixed issue with Midna ToD change in Bulblin camp causing a softlock.HEADstablelunarsoap5
2021-11-07Update to 0.20b0.20blunarsoap5
2021-11-07Merge pull request #4 from icogn/alwaysAllowBuyArrowslunarsoap5
2021-11-07Merge branch 'stable' into alwaysAllowBuyArrowslunarsoap5
2021-09-02Merge pull request #5 from jdflyer/stablelunarsoap5
2021-09-01Clang Format Alljdflyer
2021-09-01Merge branch 'zsrtp:stable' into stablejdflyer
2021-09-01Random Fanfaresjdflyer
2021-09-01Fix BGM Tablejdflyer
2021-05-13Update .clang-formatZephiles
2021-02-21Always allow buy arrowsIsaac
2021-02-20Merge pull request #3 from jdflyer/stableAECX
2021-02-19Option to disable enemy BGMjdflyer
2021-02-18Merge pull request #2 from jdflyer/stableAECX
2021-02-18More efficient if statementAECX
2021-02-17Basic BGM Randomizationjdflyer
2021-02-15Auto-apply saved-seed if availablev0.16.2bAECX
2021-02-15Dirty seed-saving capability but seems to be fineAECX
2020-08-01Fixed issue with cleared dungeon variables overlapping between saveslunarsoap5
2020-07-20Patched Early ToT issue with Snowpeaklunarsoap5
2020-07-18Updating to 0.16.1b0.16.1blunarsoap5
2020-06-26Ignore warnings about potentially unaligned pointers for packed structs/class...Zephiles
2020-06-21fixed issue where Shadow Crystal could be vanillalunarsoap5
2020-06-20update to 0.16b0.16blunarsoap5
2020-06-09fixed softlocks and updated to 0.16pAlunarsoap5
2020-06-09fixed some softlockslunarsoap5
2020-06-09update code to 0.16lunarsoap5
2020-05-29fixed SPR key logiclunarsoap5
2020-05-27added red potion for Malo Mart Patchlunarsoap5
2020-05-27Updating to 0.15blunarsoap5
2020-05-26Fixed links and other changes0.15bAECX
2020-05-18formatting and other minor adjustmentsAECX
2020-04-28fixed faron softlock with early lanayrulunarsoap5
2020-04-26fixed goats skiplunarsoap5
2020-04-26updating to 0.14.1blunarsoap5
2020-04-13Add files via upload0.14blunarsoap5
2020-04-13Updating to 0.14blunarsoap5
2020-04-13fixed correctly the mini boss room if dungeon was beaten without defeating th...Alex Bouchard
2020-04-12change MDH skip to happen after killing Jovani's PoeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-12comment the stuff for testing in the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-04-12fix MDH skipAlex Bouchard
2020-04-09correct typo in the BaC check room numberAlex Bouchard
2020-04-09fix ball and chain checkAlex Bouchard
2020-04-08added goats 2 skipAlex Bouchard
2020-04-08fix mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-08HF bulblin gates always unlockedAlex Bouchard
2020-04-05prevent boomerang from being behind bombable wall in main room FTAlex Bouchard