AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-12Adding Framework for customizationsdebuglunarsoap5
2020-07-29Updating to 0.16.1blunarsoap5
2020-06-26Ignore warnings about potentially unaligned pointers for packed structs/class...Zephiles
2020-06-20update Ilia's scent chest overrideAlex Bouchard
2020-06-17Updated the parameters for the createItem functionsZephiles
2020-06-14Set the global mStatus_roomControl variable inside of d_stage.h to externZephiles
2020-06-14Change actorCommonLayerInit to return boolZephiles
2020-06-14When spawning custom chests, use the trampoline for actorCommonLayerInit to p...Zephiles
2020-06-12update shop edits to more closely match vanilla and such (+ edit some of the ...Alex Bouchard
2020-06-06set all sewers flags during sewers skip instead of the most important ones onlyAlex Bouchard
2020-06-06update Youth's scent's overrideAlex Bouchard
2020-06-05fix hidden skill chest overrides + fix coro key chest overrideAlex Bouchard
2020-06-02move ordon sword chest inside sword house cause the override could not trigge...Alex Bouchard
2020-05-30made slingshot chest harder to getAlex Bouchard
2020-05-30add fishing rod chestAlex Bouchard
2020-05-30fix slingshot and sera bottle overridesAlex Bouchard
2020-05-29fix problem with a nullptr exceptionAlex Bouchard
2020-05-29add chests for ilia quest itemsAlex Bouchard
2020-05-29implement overrides for some of the custom chests + add chest for fishing hol...Alex Bouchard
2020-05-29move gate keys chest next to faron gate + actually use the howling stone flag...Alex Bouchard
2020-05-29implement requirements in customChecks.h directly + fix up escort skip a bitAlex Bouchard
2020-05-28add requirements for custom chests to spawnAlex Bouchard
2020-05-28change all tabs to spacesAlex Bouchard
2020-05-28implement skips and custom chests from staging branchAlex Bouchard
2020-05-28prevent poe counter from going into negatives (also make shop items vanilla a...Alex Bouchard
2020-05-27fix problem with red potion at malo mart kakAlex Bouchard
2020-05-26update readmeAECX
2020-05-22optimise most of gameInfo's callsAlex Bouchard
2020-05-21fix AG poes being on wrong layerAlex Bouchard
2020-05-21seed generation will keep looping until a new checksum appears (doesn't apply...Alex Bouchard
2020-05-20fix fixLBTBossDoor() againAlex Bouchard
2020-05-20fix fixLBTBossDoor()Alex Bouchard
2020-05-20fix problem where LBT boss door removes a keyAlex Bouchard
2020-05-20make ordon sword not required until layer 7 since you now keep wooden sword (...Alex Bouchard
2020-05-20fix selling bombs problemAlex Bouchard
2020-05-20allow to switch link's coords and angle between hex and dec in the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-05-19prepare code for randomization of hidden skillsAlex Bouchard
2020-05-19prepare code for implementation of unpowred and powered dominion rodAlex Bouchard
2020-05-19fix layer problems with bugs and poes in desertAlex Bouchard
2020-05-19typeTransform unionAECX
2020-05-18fix mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-05-18fix link's position to actually be in hexAlex Bouchard
2020-05-18show link's coords and angle in hex in the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-05-18fix problem with angle being a signed intAlex Bouchard
2020-05-18add link's angle to the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-05-18adapt code in preperation of randomization of shadow crystalAlex Bouchard
2020-05-18fix problem with losing bombs at barnesAlex Bouchard
2020-05-17fix unusable ammo replacements not workingAlex Bouchard
2020-05-16fix problem with yeta fixAlex Bouchard
2020-05-16fix SPR map check softlockAlex Bouchard