AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-29updating to 0.16.1staginglunarsoap5
2020-06-26Ignore warnings about potentially unaligned pointers for packed structs/class...Zephiles
2020-06-15prepared code for custom node flag applicationlunarsoap5
2020-05-28Remove dynamic customCheckLoading and load them globally on stageAECX
2020-05-28Support dynamic actor loading if entering the area not through a loadAECX
2020-05-28Custom Checks/ChestsAECX
2020-05-28Saved a byte by manually transforming to save-flags already, also saves some ...AECX
2020-05-28Custom check info baseAECX
2020-05-27removed deprecated varAECX
2020-05-27GameInfo local pointer (needs to be updated for the entire function!)AECX
2020-05-27fixed typoAECX
2020-05-27adding 0.15.1b code and formattinglunarsoap5
2020-05-26update readmeAECX
2020-05-26Add files via uploadlunarsoap5
2020-05-26Updating to 0.15blunarsoap5
2020-05-21updating to 0.15alunarsoap5
2020-05-19Updating this branch to match 0.15 personal repository codelunarsoap5
2020-05-18formatting and other minor adjustmentsAECX
2020-04-28fixed faron softlock with early lanayrulunarsoap5
2020-04-26fixed goats skiplunarsoap5
2020-04-26updating to 0.14.1blunarsoap5
2020-04-13Add files via upload0.14blunarsoap5
2020-04-13Updating to 0.14blunarsoap5
2020-04-13fixed correctly the mini boss room if dungeon was beaten without defeating th...Alex Bouchard
2020-04-12change MDH skip to happen after killing Jovani's PoeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-12comment the stuff for testing in the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-04-12fix MDH skipAlex Bouchard
2020-04-09correct typo in the BaC check room numberAlex Bouchard
2020-04-09fix ball and chain checkAlex Bouchard
2020-04-08added goats 2 skipAlex Bouchard
2020-04-08fix mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-08HF bulblin gates always unlockedAlex Bouchard
2020-04-05prevent boomerang from being behind bombable wall in main room FTAlex Bouchard
2020-04-04fix faron escape for real this time (tested)Alex Bouchard
2020-04-04fix faron escape + show current area state in the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-04-04fix typoAlex Bouchard
2020-04-04fix typo and tried other things for faron escapeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-03forgot to commit mod.hAlex Bouchard
2020-04-03add areaNodes to scratchpad + fixed issue with portals not setting on vessel getAlex Bouchard
2020-04-03fix giving skills on vessels + change FT ooccoo to 33Alex Bouchard
2020-04-03fixed mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-03fix mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-03add some code to allow escaping faron before FTAlex Bouchard
2020-04-03give skills when skipping tear of light huntAlex Bouchard
2020-04-02added some code to maybe skip MDH, needs testingAlex Bouchard
2020-04-02automatically reload when you get vessel of lightAlex Bouchard
2020-04-02fix problem with getting your first ooccoo outside FTAlex Bouchard
2020-04-01fix mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-04-01give faron mist jumps when getting the vessel of light in faronAlex Bouchard