AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-30v0.13bv0.13bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-30allow to change between day and night in the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-03-30poe soul counter should now only increase when poe soul gottenAlex Bouchard
2020-03-30unlock keyshardsAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29fixed mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29possibly fixed keyshardsAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29heart containers can now appear in dungeons again + you only need to collect ...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-29Reposition some functions in mod.cppZephiles
2020-03-29Simplify isStageADungeon and isStageBossZephiles
2020-03-29Allow Heart Containers to be randomized anywhereZephiles
2020-03-29Allow the Iron Boots to be randomizedZephiles
2020-03-29fixed mistakeAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29changed strcmp for checkStageName where possibleAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29add isstageboss function + set area flag when container check dotten in boss ...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-29Add checkStageNameZephiles
2020-03-29fix errorAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29fix ooccoo arbiters groundsAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29changed the order in wich items are placed, should prevent crashingv0.12bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29v0.11.2bv0.11.2bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-29comented the key shard checks entirely, cause even locking them breaks them...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-28fix errorAlex Bouchard
2020-03-28show current room on the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-03-28v0.11.1bv0.11.1bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-28removed keyshards entirely from rando, so it can't cause any possible problemsAlex Bouchard
2020-03-27fix other typoAlex Bouchard
2020-03-27fixed typo in codev0.11bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-27made dominion rod charged since the begining + fixed female dragonfly check n...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-27fixed ooccoo check in FT not being randomized properlyAlex Bouchard
2020-03-27made gear, equip and dungeon items not unset the destination item once gotten...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-26lock goron key shardsAlex Bouchard
2020-03-26made key shard 3 be given instead of big key goron minesAlex Bouchard
2020-03-25fix ordon sword being able to be at compass chestAlex Bouchard
2020-03-25v0.9.2bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-25returned freestanding PoH range to 3000 because unlimited range caused major ...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-24hylian shield not required for layer 2 anymore (caused some crashes)Alex Bouchard
2020-03-24v0.9bv0.9bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-24progressive ites reset when you generate a new seedAlex Bouchard
2020-03-24added commented pages for area nodes + prevent zora and magic armor from bein...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-23update verion in the consoleAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23update readmeAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23ordon sword and boomerang can be at lantern oil in ordon shopv0.8bAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23fix layers of some boss keysAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23fix compliling problemAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23added ooccoo checks + getting heart container more than once gives gree rupeeAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23randomize dungeon items (excluding keys), waiting for ooccoo coordinates to r...Alex Bouchard
2020-03-23add keyshards to progressive itemsAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23added commented shop checks for the future when we'll be able to randomize themAlex Bouchard
2020-03-23fixed drangonflies not being randomized properlyAlex Bouchard
2020-03-22update readmeAlex Bouchard
2020-03-22update readmev0.7bAlex Bouchard