BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature-arcReplacementFunctionsAdded function definitions and usage cases for replacing checks stored in ARC...lunarsoap510 months
feature-generatorUpdate gitignoreMaurice Henke12 months
masterUpdate elf2rel to newest versionsZephiles3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-06-19Update elf2rel to newest versionsHEADmasterZephiles
2022-05-23Update to most recent version of libtp_relZephiles
2022-05-06Only mount/unmount the memory card once when generating the list of seedsZephiles
2022-05-06Update to latest version of libtp_relZephiles
2022-04-17Update to newest version of libtp_relZephiles
2022-04-06Update README.mdlunarsoap5
2022-03-10Update to latest version of libtp_relZephiles
2021-10-22Runtime helper functions symbol correctionZephiles
2021-10-16Add most runtime helper functions that are in the game's codeZephiles
2021-10-04Merge pull request #8 from icogn/buildingMdAdjustmentsMaurice Henke