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masterUpdate assets readmeAECX3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-05Update assets readmeHEADmasterAECX
2021-07-05Added custom banner & icon toolsMaurice
2021-07-05update libtp_relMaurice
2021-07-05gci will now accept images created with wimgtMaurice
2021-07-04Newer seed selection implementedMaurice
2021-07-04Changed int to uint8 as these should never be negative anywayMaurice
2021-07-04Implemented GameStates and ButtonHandlingMaurice
2021-07-04Minor adjustments due to gci::data now being in namespace rando::Maurice
2021-07-04Renamed & Recoded the SeedSelector into a SeedListMaurice