AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-26Fixed ASM Macros to work with [un]signed numbersHEADmasterMaurice
2021-04-25Update libtp_relMaurice
2021-04-25Basic Seed parsing and display controlMaurice
2021-04-25SeedSelector classMaurice
2021-04-25Moved seed into randoMaurice
2021-04-25Fletcher16 implementationMaurice
2021-04-25fixed typoMaurice
2021-04-18Changed from uint32_t to uint16_t to ensure proper sizeMaurice
2021-04-18Updated var name for loaded number of checksMaurice
2021-04-17ClearChecks() only if we're going to load new checks inMaurice
2021-04-17Clarified different stageIDX datatypesMaurice
2021-04-17ASM template MacrosMaurice
2021-04-16Fixed include guardMaurice
2021-04-15Merge branch 'master' of
2021-04-15Fixed saving the currently active StageIDXMaurice
2021-04-13Add PistonMinerAECX
2021-04-12Fixed cache clearingMaurice
2021-04-12stage dependent DZX, REL & Shop check loadingMaurice
2021-04-12Rename stageID to stageIDX for clarification that this is the index into the ...Maurice
2021-04-11Wallet Patch FunctionMaurice
2021-04-11Game patch systemMaurice
2021-04-11Update gci to own namespaceMaurice
2021-04-11Added patch functionality to SeedsMaurice
2021-04-11update libtp_relMaurice
2021-04-11Added include guard and adjusted patches to accept bool (set/unset)Maurice
2021-04-11Allocate patch_config to the heap aswellMaurice
2021-04-11Update libtp_relMaurice
2021-04-10Added EventBit handler & fixed potential memory leaksMaurice
2021-04-10Revert region_flag to a structMaurice
2021-04-10Added seed class with basic functionalityMaurice
2021-04-10Removed fileSize from Header as it is virtually useless (assuming fileInfo of...Maurice
2021-04-09Update check-typesMaurice
2021-04-09EventBit functionsMaurice
2021-04-09update libtp_relMaurice
2021-04-09Added gci structs for rando-dataMaurice
2021-04-09update libtp_relMaurice
2021-04-09Makefile optimisationsMaurice
2021-04-09Updated libtp_relMaurice Henke
2021-04-08Update to latest elf2rel (Linux)Maurice
2021-04-08Merge branch 'master' of
2021-04-08ignore as I use it to copy the GCIs to my dolphin directory auto...Maurice
2021-04-08added as I use it to copy the GCIs to my dolphin directory autom...Maurice
2021-04-08Added VERSION definesMaurice
2021-04-08Updated libtp_relMaurice
2021-04-07Update README.MDAECX
2021-04-07Added custom model tooltipAECX
2021-04-07Merge branch 'master' of
2021-04-07Added logo to doxygen.confMaurice
2021-04-07Restructured READMEAECX
2021-04-07Merge branch 'master' of