AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-23Update gitignorefeature-generatorMaurice Henke
2021-09-23Updated to latest masterMaurice Henke
2021-09-22Update gitignore (.vs)Maurice Henke
2021-09-22Rename GamePatch to UserPatch for consistencyMaurice Henke
2021-09-22Assign lambda function directlyMaurice Henke
2021-09-22Added description for poe patchMaurice Henke
2021-09-08Add Newtonsoft.JSONMaurice Henke
2021-09-08initial commit (generator)Maurice Henke
2021-09-08ignore .vs folderMaurice Henke
2021-09-08update gitignoreMaurice Henke
2021-09-07BuildID is now the commit tagMaurice Henke
2021-09-07Revert to python3 to account for OS differences (linux, w7, w10)Maurice Henke
2021-09-05Update gc namespace to gc_wiiMaurice Henke
2021-09-05Run python instead of python3 (compability)Maurice Henke
2021-09-04Added newline in READMEAECX
2021-09-04Update list of supportersAECX
2021-08-12Merge branch 'master' of Henke
2021-08-12custom magic byte for DZX replacementMaurice Henke
2021-07-23asm headerMaurice Henke
2021-07-15Update README.MDAECX
2021-07-13Added item_func_ptr in libtp_relMaurice
2021-07-13update libtp_relMaurice
2021-07-13Finalized PoeSoul patchMaurice
2021-07-13item_func_ptr fixesMaurice
2021-07-13Fixed include guard for user_patchMaurice
2021-07-13fix name of "game_patch" to "user_patch"Maurice
2021-07-13add item_funcMaurice
2021-07-13Small formatting adjustmentsMaurice
2021-07-13Added randomizer as param so it is structurally similarMaurice
2021-07-13Small Poe handling optimizationsMaurice
2021-07-13Poe Soul replacement system implementationMaurice
2021-07-13PoeSoul replacement eventsMaurice
2021-07-12Basic Poe Soul replacement system (will require further implementation as sta...Maurice
2021-07-11Improved status messageMaurice
2021-07-11Call InitSeed() if we're on F_SP103 so we are outside the initial cutscene (f...Maurice
2021-07-11Removed unnecessary printMaurice
2021-07-11Moved game_patches to user_patches for future distinctionMaurice
2021-07-11Default to proper item idMaurice
2021-07-11Basic custom ASM structureMaurice
2021-07-10Merge pull request #5 from jdflyer/masterAECX
2021-07-10Remove Randomizer::getRandom andjdflyer
2021-07-10rename initRandomBgm to patchRandomBgmjdflyer
2021-07-10Formatting Fixesjdflyer
2021-07-10Print patch num instead of seedjdflyer
2021-07-10Merge branch 'master' of
2021-07-10getRandom changes, randomBGM fixes, and formatjdflyer
2021-07-10Print patch_index rather than seedMaurice
2021-07-09Merge branch 'master' of
2021-07-09Add Random BGM and Option to disable enemy BGMjdflyer
2021-07-10Fixed applying game_patchesMaurice