BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
arcReplacementFunctionsAdded function definitions for replacing checks stored in .arc files.lunarsoap55 weeks
getLayerNo_common_commonUpdated definitions based on advice from Zeph.lunarsoap55 months
masterAdded function definitions for replacing checks.lunarsoap55 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-12-12Added function definitions for replacing checks.HEADmasterlunarsoap5
2021-09-20Update stages.hMaurice Henke
2021-09-20Merge pull request #8 from zsrtp/getLayerNo_common_commonMaurice Henke
2021-09-10Implement more efficient code for unhookFunctionZephiles
2021-09-05Renamed gc namespace into gc_wii for future compabilityMaurice Henke
2021-08-05Updated definitions based on advice from Zeph.getLayerNo_common_commonlunarsoap5
2021-08-05Added function definitions for multiple functions to be used by getLayerNo_co...lunarsoap5
2021-07-13Add item function ptrsMaurice
2021-07-10Merge pull request #7 from jdflyer/masterAECX
2021-07-10clang formatjdflyer