BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
arcReplacementFunctionsAdded function definitions for replacing checks stored in .arc files.lunarsoap510 months
getLayerNo_common_commonUpdated definitions based on advice from Zeph.lunarsoap514 months
mastertestZephiles3 months
rewriteFix small issues in readmeZephiles4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-06-26Make restgpr and restfpr functions hiddenZephiles
2022-06-01Small adjustments/optimizationsZephiles
2022-05-23Fix header inclusion order for 64 bit format constantsZephiles
2022-05-23Add exit function call to rel epilogZephiles
2022-05-06Add missing namespace to ReadGCIZephiles
2022-05-06Fix incorrect CARDStat variable usageZephiles
2022-05-06Optimize ReadNANDZephiles
2022-05-06Adjust functions in card.h to take const char* instead of char*Zephiles
2022-05-06Add mountMemoryCard and ReadGCIMountedZephiles