AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-05Updated definitions based on advice from Zeph.getLayerNo_common_commonlunarsoap5
2021-08-05Added function definitions for multiple functions to be used by getLayerNo_co...lunarsoap5
2021-07-13Add item function ptrsMaurice
2021-07-10Merge pull request #7 from jdflyer/masterAECX
2021-07-10clang formatjdflyer
2021-07-10Add getRandom to toolsjdflyer
2021-07-09Add Z2SceneMgr.h and Z2SeqMgr.hjdflyer
2021-07-07Prevent last line from being cleared as it is used for debug infoMaurice
2021-07-07Fixed Include GuardMaurice
2021-07-06Make sure the console clears residue when setting a lineMaurice
2021-07-05Cleaned up the ReadGCI function a bitMaurice
2021-07-05"scrolling" consoleMaurice
2021-07-04SetLine function implementation & line protection in constructorMaurice
2021-07-04Merge branch 'master' of
2021-07-04Added f_pc_node_req.hMaurice
2021-05-22__CARDGetFileNo - Remove nested conditionalsZephiles
2021-05-22__CARDGetFileNo - Use __CARDCompareFileName instead of strncmpZephiles
2021-05-20Merge with libtp_rel::CARDDeleteAECX
2021-05-16Implement __CARDAccess in __CARDGetFileNoZephiles
2021-05-14Move card.cpp to gc folderZephiles
2021-05-13Add CARDDelete and other functions/variables used by itZephiles
2021-04-25unhookFunction - Make sure the trampoline isn't a nullptrZephiles
2021-04-25Merge branch 'master' of
2021-04-25Added fletcher16Maurice
2021-04-20Add unhookFunction, for undoing hookFunctionZephiles
2021-04-11Added CARDDetach handlerMaurice
2021-04-11Include guardMaurice
2021-04-10Added regionIDs and index commentsMaurice
2021-04-09Added eventBit functionsMaurice
2021-04-09Fixed small length adjustment issueMaurice
2021-04-09Improved ReadGCIMaurice
2021-04-09Changed data pointer type to void* for compabilityMaurice
2021-04-09Added [u]int64_t supportMaurice
2021-04-09Fixed include filenameBuildTools
2021-04-08Merge branch 'master' of
2021-04-08Added a quick save file wrapper functionMaurice
2021-04-07Update README.MDAECX
2021-04-07card function definitionsMaurice
2021-04-07Slight console modificationMaurice
2021-04-07Removed 0x prefix added fixed width for uint-typesMaurice
2021-04-05removed .clang-formatMaurice
2021-04-05Mass FormattingMaurice
2021-04-05Basic timer functionalityMaurice
2021-04-05Basic timer functionalityMaurice
2021-04-05Deleted docs from libtp_rel (should be used where implemented; See REL templa...Maurice
2021-02-19Add SpawnActor FunctionMarwin Misselhorn
2021-02-17Move patch out of libraryMaurice
2021-02-17Moved items to data namespaceMaurice