AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-03fix actor spawner menu and tunic color changer (#64)HEAD0.
2021-10-02Merge pull request #63 from zsrtp/changelogkipcode66
2021-10-02libtp updatechangelogPheenoh
2021-10-02update libtpPheenoh
2021-10-020.4 release prepPheenoh
2021-10-02Merge branch 'master' of into changelogPheenoh
2021-10-02update changelog for releasePheenoh
2021-10-02Hotfix wii (#51)0.4kipcode66
2021-09-27Multi-Region, Multi-Platform CI Pipeline (#62)Pheenoh
2021-09-27missed gcn_ntscjPheenoh
2021-09-27pass in env variables as arguments to makePheenoh
2021-09-27Add multi-region, multi-platform tests + fix wii issuesPheenoh
2021-09-25Merge pull request #61 from zsrtp/build_fixTakaRikka
2021-09-25README updateSbuild_fixPheenoh
2021-09-25gcn_c fixPheenoh
2021-09-25update libtp and gcnPheenoh
2021-09-25more fixesPheenoh fixesPheenoh
2021-09-21actor spawner / SSS save improvement / stallord 2 save (#59)TakaRikka
2021-09-19update hundo saves + add DB's UMD tool (#58)TakaRikka
2021-09-18Merge pull request #53 from zsrtp/pr_TakaRikka
2021-09-18Merge branch 'master' of into pr_pr_TakaRikka
2021-09-18update for libtpTakaRikka
2021-09-18Merge pull request #55 from zsrtp/fixeskipcode66
2021-09-18only run pr test on masterPheenoh
2021-09-18add changelog, fix makefilePheenoh
2021-09-18add new pr testsPheenoh
2021-06-28memfile fixesTakaRikka
2021-06-07fix memfile roomNo saveTakaRikka
2021-06-06Merge pull request #50 from zsrtp/macro_fixTakaRikka
2021-06-06remove line in lib.cppPheenoh
2021-06-06add macrosPheenoh
2021-06-06update for decomp overhaul (#49)TakaRikka
2021-06-02Added deletion feature for saved files on the card (#47)kipcode66
2021-05-12Merge pull request #46 from Pheenoh/save_fixTakaRikka
2021-05-12Interpolate gz version from makefile, fix generate-patches scriptPheenoh
2021-05-12fix hundo special bugPheenoh
2021-05-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into save_fixPheenoh
2021-05-12Rewrite SaveManagerPheenoh
2021-05-11Merge pull request #44 from zsrtp/wii_card_errorTakaRikka
2021-05-06Fixed wii error when patching + tool textkipcode66
2021-03-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'Pheenoh
2021-03-08add pointer checksPheenoh
2021-03-08add saving/loading memory files (#42)0.3TakaRikka