AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-08add saving/loading memory files (#42)HEAD0.3masterTakaRikka
2021-02-25basic flag logger / add all dungeons saves (#41)TakaRikka
2021-02-06Update tpgz-release.yml0.2Pheenoh
2021-02-06Update tpgz-release.ymlPheenoh
2021-02-06Update tpgz-release.ymlPheenoh
2021-02-06Update c-cpp.ymlPheenoh
2021-02-06Update tpgz-release.ymlPheenoh
2021-02-06Update tpgz-release.ymlPheenoh
2021-02-06Merge pull request #38 from Pheenoh/masterkipcode66
2021-02-06Add release automationPheenoh
2021-02-02improve temp flags menu / memory editor (#34)TakaRikka
2021-02-02Merge pull request #33 from zsrtp/wii_portTakaRikka
2021-02-01(hopefully) made executablekipcode66
2021-02-01hopefully fixed the formatingkipcode66
2021-02-01set to executablekipcode66
2021-02-01Went through all the files and formated themkipcode66
2021-02-01Fixed code formatkipcode66
2021-02-01fixed input viewer shadow & sand height tool crashkipcode66
2021-02-01updated libtp_ckipcode66
2021-02-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'zsrtp/master' into wii_portkipcode66
2021-02-01Added support for version Wii PALkipcode66
2021-01-29fixed: link color, input viewer, cheats, tools.kipcode66
2021-01-23fix temp switches (#32)TakaRikka
2021-01-23Merge pull request #31 from zsrtp/fixesTakaRikka
2021-01-23use clang-format 10, use new iso namePheenoh
2021-01-23clang-format + remove commentsPheenoh
2021-01-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fixesPheenoh
2021-01-23bunch of fixesPheenoh
2021-01-19fixed invincible enemieskipcode66
2021-01-16updated BiTIndicator includeskipcode66
2021-01-15fixed BiTIndicator & air_meterkipcode66
2021-01-15fixed move_link & free_camkipcode66
2021-01-14increased heap to allow space for the main iconkipcode66
2021-01-14added Gale LJA cheatkipcode66
2021-01-14first attempt at portingkipcode66
2021-01-13Added RomHack.toml in the version dependent fileskipcode66
2021-01-12start of wii portkipcode66
2020-12-30hotfix fifo queue display (#30)TakaRikka
2020-12-28Merge pull request #29 from Pheenoh/scrolling_bug0.1TakaRikka
2020-12-29Merge branch 'master' into scrolling_bugPheenoh
2020-12-29fix scrolling bug, update versionPheenoh
2020-12-28update info / icon + dungeon flag menu fix (#28)TakaRikka
2020-12-28fix dungeon flag toggles in same areaTakaRikka
2020-12-28update info / iconTakaRikka
2020-12-26Merge pull request #25 from Pheenoh/masterTakaRikka
2020-12-26Merge branch 'master' into masterPheenoh
2020-12-26remove osreportsPheenoh
2020-12-26save/restore temp flags and tears on area reloadPheenoh
2020-12-26Merge pull request #24 from Pheenoh/masterTakaRikka