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2021-09-18update for libtpTakaRikka
2021-06-06update for decomp overhaul (#49)TakaRikka
2021-05-12Interpolate gz version from makefile, fix generate-patches scriptPheenoh
2021-05-12Rewrite SaveManagerPheenoh
2021-03-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'Pheenoh
2021-03-08add pointer checksPheenoh
2021-03-08add saving/loading memory files (#42)0.3TakaRikka
2021-02-01Fixed code formatkipcode66
2021-02-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'zsrtp/master' into wii_portkipcode66
2021-02-01Added support for version Wii PALkipcode66
2021-01-29fixed: link color, input viewer, cheats, tools.kipcode66
2021-01-23bunch of fixesPheenoh
2021-01-19fixed invincible enemieskipcode66
2021-01-15fixed move_link & free_camkipcode66
2021-01-14first attempt at portingkipcode66
2021-01-12start of wii portkipcode66
2020-12-29fix scrolling bug, update versionPheenoh
2020-12-26remove osreportsPheenoh
2020-12-26save/restore temp flags and tears on area reloadPheenoh
2020-12-26use tp decomp's clang-format filePheenoh
2020-12-26add clang-format checkPheenoh
2020-11-12libtp update (#19)TakaRikka
2020-11-07add turbo mode tool (#14)TakaRikka
2020-11-07file reload fixes, stdio and string fixes, cheat fixesunknown
2020-10-23Merge branch 'master' of into frame_advanceunknown
2020-10-23begin adding frame advanceunknown
2020-10-19font overhaul (#56)kipcode66
2020-10-17update temp flags icons / tpgz icon, tools menu descriptions (#52)TakaRikka
2020-10-11fix some move link / dungeon flags menu bugs (#48)TakaRikka
2020-10-07Menu refactoring (#45)kipcode66
2020-10-07Fixed double button press in scene menu + card load bypass (#46)kipcode66
2020-10-03fixed saving to card on console (#43)kipcode66
2020-09-30Updated README + Improved position menu (#36)kipcode66
2020-09-30Improved library hook to the game (#35)kipcode66
2020-09-25minor refactoring (#34)kipcode66
2020-09-24various feature additions (#33)TakaRikka
2020-09-22Super clawshot (#32)kipcode66
2020-09-19Input viewer UI (#29)kipcode66
2020-09-10add amounts and dungeon / portal flags menus, door storage cheat (#21)TakaRikka
2020-08-19add pause menu, add seconds timerTakaRikka
2020-08-16Merge branch 'master' of
2020-08-16update input viewerTakaRikka
2020-08-16add memory menu, add ability to lock cursor x/yunknown
2020-08-11add input viewer to draw functionTakaRikka
2020-08-09sort and optimize menusunknown
2020-08-01update for publicunknown
2020-04-24add flags menuunknown
2020-04-23move some cheats to tools menu, simplify drop shadows rendering logic, add li...unknown